Friday, September 4, 2009

Something... Unexpected.

We are They Fight, Paris Falls. Or, we sort of hope we are.

But if you're reading this, then I suppose we're famous already.

If you're reading this, then I suppose it's eons in the future when we've got a hold of our instruments and our songs and we were actually serious about this thing. If you are reading this, and if all of that's true, then (and not to brag) we rock. We've come sooooo far, guys.

Here's us---as of right now, September 4th, '09---me, Roo, with my eye on several intriguing instruments at the moment and a kind-of inclination toward vocals; Shug, she's the only one with a solid musical background of piano; Bug, on guitar perhaps, if she learns it (learn it, dagnabit!); and Spot, with... with whatever she chooses to play, I guess. So you see, as of now, we're a fairly starry-eyed and unimpressive "band" with nothing but a shaky goal and an awwwwwesome name.

Maybe this'll go nowhere (probably), maybe we'll never get a drummer or a bassist (who needs 'em?), maybe we really won't master our instruments (likely), maybe this'll be humiliating (very likely), maybe we'll suck (awwwww), maybe we'll fight (not really guys, love you), maybe no one will be there to read this (my guess is 'yes!'), but maybe... maybe it will take us somewhere and maybe it'll be grand (risky, improbable, dangerous, exciting, doubtful, lovely, far away, sparkly). That's all for now, I s'pose.

I love you, whoever you are.


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  1. ah idont know what instrument im gonna play but i promise to learn something!!