Saturday, September 5, 2009

Upon writing music....

That's been my task this week, you know, writing actual music. Here's my dilemma as I see it: I am bad at those circles with sticks... you know what I'm talking about?... Music notes, ah yes, I'm bad at musical notes.

I'm handling lyrics, those are the fun/easy/doable part. They're just another chapter of my poetry-writing fetish. Even the tune and melody isn't so bad, it's just figuring out what notes on a keyboard are the ones in my head...

I think I need Shug to help, but she has pneumonia and they won't let her play with me. But we, um, like sort of need some music to play if this is going to be a band, eh? Maybe I should stop shooting so high, pick up some sheet music and tabs for covers off the Net, and work up to original songs to play... Aw well.

Here's all I have to say for now: Watch out, because the lyrics to 'Wet Cement Serenade' are killer... (or don't watch out, because all you'll ever have are lyrics, no music, HA!)


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